FSS Technology Solutions

FSS Technology Solutions

DCP SkidFSS Technology Solutions specialises in providing bespoke fire protection solutions for your project. With pre-assembly and off-site fabrication becoming increasingly critical for major projects, so does the need for fire protection system to meet this challenge.  We provide tailor-made pre-fabricated solutions including:

  • Sprinkler control valve skids
  • Deluge and pre-action skids
  • Fire pump skids
  • Large-Scale Dry Chemical Powder Systems
  • Fire Water Monitor Skids

Each system is individually designed utilising our 3D Modelling design software.  Once design is approved, we will manage your project through to supply and fabrication, anywhere in the world.  The skids are pre-fabricated such that it can be ‘dropped-in’ on site, saving significant on-site labour costs.

Contact us for a custom solution and formal proposal for your project today.

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