Energy Power Systems Australia

Gladstone LNG Projects – Power Generation Enclosures

Brisbane, Australia 

FSS were engaged by EPSA to provide a practical and efficient fire protection and detection system for their Power Generation Enclosures. EPSA have clients such as Exxon Mobil, Rio Tinto and Bechtel, of which all consider the Power Generation Enclosures a high risk to their operations. A shut down of this particular Power Generation Enclosure would interrupt power supplies to the plant.

FSS undertook the design, supply, installation and commissioning of the fire detection and protection systems. Our aim was to employ an effective fire protection system that would enable site maintenance teams to work with less fire damage and a speedy return to service, be it the C02 or water mist suppression systems, utilising gas detection where CH4 may be present during a fault condition, heat detection for both resistance temperature detectors and T1000 temperature probes or flame detection and manual call points systems.

EPSA stressed the need for continued operation of which FSS were able to provide a permanent system reporting to the engine control system, providing engine shutdowns and signaling to site wide control rooms via Modbus or PLC systems.

FSS’ staff are experienced in the world of fire protection and detection and can provide any type of smoke, heat and gas detection/water misting system across all boundaries in heavy industry and from many manufactures – delivering a fit for purpose, cost effective safety measure protecting assets and lives.

Client: EPSA