Endeavour Silver Corporation – Fire Protection Upgrades

With the expansion of the Fire & Safety Systems Group operation in the Americas over four years ago and the establishment of offices in Vancouver and Montreal, the company has been involved with a broad cross section of projects in the region, in the mining sector.

Although the majority of the projects have been green field, some of the more interesting aspects of the region have come to light – Not the least of these has been the upgrading of the Endeavour Silver Corporation Mining and Processing Facilities located in Guanajuato and Durango States in the Republic of Mexico.

It is of interest and historical significance that the Guanajuato mining district is located at the southern end of what used to be the Chichimeca Empire which was colonised by Nuño de Guzman in 1540. It is not known if the indigenous peoples or the Spanish colonists first began the mining in the Guanajuato district but mining expends back to 1548 when the silver veins began to be exploited by the Spanish – Guanajuato was of the premier mining districts of Nueva España (New Spain).

Following a varied history, until the start of the war of Independence in 1810 and various owners over a period of years, Endeavour Silver acquired the various mine site leases and ownership in 2007 and has proceeded to enact a modernisation and upgrading program.

Over the past number of years Fire & Safety Systems (Canada) Inc, headed up by Theo Malapanis and Technical Officer Trent Jeude, have worked in close association with Endeavour Silver Management in Vancouver and their Site Engineers to establish a three year program to upgrade the rudimentary fire systems to International Insurance Standards.

Systems upgrades have involved design, supply, installation and commissioning of the new water storage, pumping units, hydrant reticulation, fixed protection systems and associated fire detection/warning systems at the respective mine sites and process plants.

Working on this Historic Brown Field Project with Endeavour Silver has been a fascinating experience of “OLD” and “NEW” says Theo and Trent.

Client: Endeavour Silver Corporation