Castlemaine Perkins Breweries Fire Alarm Upgrade

Queensland, Australia

An FSS audit recommending the upgrade or replacement of most of the fire detection systems in the Brisbane brewery led to FSS implementing a staged program over two years.

Because of site complexities and the need for the brewery to be fully operational, FSS installed an interim emergency warning and communication system as stage one. Stage two involved provision of a master fire indicator panel with the capacity to cater for all future requirements. In the final stage, we removed all ancillary fire alarm panels and connected alarm zones direct to the MFIP via the site addressable loop (resulting in long-term savings for the client). Stage three also involved installing air sampling systems to key areas, automatic sprinklers to hazardous areas, and manual alarm stations and emergency warning speakers site-wide.

Client: Castlemaine Perkins Pty Ltd
Customer: Lion Nathan