FSS Team

Being able to cover such an extensive array of projects stems from having a reliable and versatile team. With an extensive portfolio and over (figure) years of experience combined, there is no task too big or too intricate for our team.

Brad Pickersgill

Brad Pickersgill is the managing director of Fire & Safety Systems with 23 years experience in Fire Safety. Mr Pickersgill has gained a detailed knowledge of unique fire protection systems over many years on an array of sites around the world.

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Debbie Pickersgill

Debbie Pickersgill is a Director and the Finance & Administration Manager for Fire & Safety Systems.  

David Pickersgill

David Pickersgill is a Senior Associate of Fire & Safety Systems. Mr Pickersgill has over 19 years of experience in Fire Safety and has been around the globe with Fire & Safety Systems. 

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Allan Thompson

Allan Thompson is a Senior Associate and Project Manager for Fire & Safety Systems. Mr Thompson possesses 44 years of fire safety engineering/emergency management experience with well-developed leadership and management qualities.

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Mark Acworth 

Mark Ackworth is a Project Engineer with over 6 years experience in Fire Safety. Commonly onsite across the world, Mark provides assistance, direction and support with new and existing fire systems. 

Trent Jeude

Trent Jeude is the Design Office Manager and Project Manager for Fire & Safety Systems with 9 years experience. Mr Jeude has worked all over the world on a vast variety of projects which has given him a unique understanding of design and how decisions in the office impact the construction process.

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Shannon Foster 

Shannon Foster is the Document Control & Quality Assurance Officer for Fire & Safety Systems. With over 7 years experience in document control and quality control, Shannon is an integral part of Fire & Safety Systems. 

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Ajmer Jhaj

Ajmer Jhaj is the Finance Officer at Fire & Safety Systems.